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I’m a hair transplant surgeon and here’s why randy blokes could risk losing their hair

A HAIR transplant surgeon has claimed the most randy blokes are most likely to lose their hair.

Dr Umear Ahmad said that men who masturbated non-stop could be doing themselves a disservice. 

Men who masturabte more could, in theory, lose their hair, Dr Umear Ahmad said

He said concerned blokes have quizzed him over whether masturbation is jeopardising their chances of enjoying a luscious head of hair.

Dr Ahmad, of the award-winning hair transplant clinic Juvida, in Yorkshire, explained that vitamin A deficiency is linked with hair loss.

Given vitamin A is found in semen, Dr Ahmad suggested ejaculatig too much could hypothetically cause a depletion in the body, and negatively impact the hairline.

There hasn’t been scientific studies to link masturabation with hair loss as of yet. 

And Dr Ahmad reassured that men would need to be “pretty much non-stop masturbating” to see any noticeable difference in their locks. 

Dr Ahmad said: “When it comes to hair there are a lot of vitamins that play a role – Vitamin A is one of them and is found in semen.

“You’d have to be quite severely vitamin A deficient before you had a noticeable deterioration in your hair line.

“You’d have to be pretty much non-stop masturbating throughout the day before it had any sort of effect on your hair.

“Theoretically, if you masturbated enough, the answer is yes but actually on a practical level it’s not going to really have any real effect on hair loss.”

While Dr Ahmad suggests men should keep their vitamin A levels topped up, an expert has previously warned too much of the stuff is also a danger.

Abbas Kanani, pharmacist and medical expert at Chemist Click, previously told SE: “Too much of certain vitamins long term can cause you to experience hair loss. More specifically, too much Vitamin A.”

“If eaten in excess along with taking too many retinol type supplements this can cause hair follicles to go into overdrive meaning that your hair will be reaching the end of the growth phase too quickly which can lead it to fall out.”

Those concerned about hair loss should think about having a balanced diet that is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals, according to Dr Ahmad.

Dr Ahmad said: “B vitamins which include biotin, vitamin A, D and E are some of the vitamins which can be beneficial in addition to various minerals including iron, zinc and selenium.

“Most of these things can be obtained from a balanced diet rich in fruit and veg.

“If people have good healthy diets they probably don’t have to do anything else.

“There are supplements that are specifically for hair and nails.

“If you have a nice healthy balanced diet you probably don’t need to go down that road.

“But if you’re on takeaways twice a day then that might be something to consider.”

Another theory is that masturabiation raises testosterone, which in turn causes the hormone dihydrotestosterone – linked to hair loss – to go up.

But again, there are no actual studies that show this.

What is clear, is that genetics largely play a role in hair loss.

The “balding gene” is thought to be the cause of a receding hairline in men, and thinning at the crown of the head in women.

Diet, environment, stress and other health conditions can also drive hair loss, and sometimes, there is no known cause.

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