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I’m a bikini model at 50 – here’s 3 exercises that toned my bingo wings

A BIKINI model has shared the exercises that busted her bingo wings after getting fit at 50.

Clare Morrow, also a personal trainer, revealed it’s all about working the triceps – the muscles that run along the back of the arms.

Bikini model Clare Morrow shares the three exercises that toned her bingo wings
Clare said it’s “never too late” to get fit. She started lifting weights at the age of 42, and is now 50

Performing the exercises on TikTok, Clare wore her gym attire over her sculpted figure.

But she hasn’t always looked like this.

The gym fanatic said in her video: “So I used to have pretty bad batwings myself. 

“I didn’t start young, I started lifting at age 42 and I am now 50.

“So believe me when I tell you if I can do this, you can too.”

Clare said the following exercises “really tightened up the back of my arms”:

Tricep push downs

A tricep pushdown relies on a cable machine, but you can use a resistance band attached somewhere high at home, too.

Put the cable attachment just above your head with a rope handle.

Stand with your feet hip width apart or in a split stance, which Clare says takes pressure off the back.

Hold the ropes with your palms facing each other. Pull them down until your elbows are extended, turning your palm downwards at the bottom.

“Really pull the rope apart and feel the squeeze and burn at the bottom”, Clare said, with a demonstration. 

Return to the starting point. 

Do 12 to 15 reps for four sets. 

Tricep push downs with a cable machine

Overhead extensions

Clare said overhead extensions are her favourite.

There are many variations of overhead extensions, for example the one-arm overhead dumbbell extension.

But Clare shows us how it’s done using the cable machine and rope handles.

Attach it to the high pulley, above your head, then turn away from the machine.

Stand in a split squat, hold the handles at shoulder height, then extend your arms over your head. 

Clare said: “You’re gonna feel this underneath your arms. Really squeeze on the way forward.”

You can also do this with a resistance band at home.

Do 12 to 15 reps for four sets. 

Overhead extensions

Tricep dips

Clare said: “These are amazing for the back of the arms.”

Tricep dips don’t need any equipment, other than a bench, chair or, as Clare points out, your bath tub.

Sit on the bench, put your hands on either side of your hips, and put your legs out straight in front of you.

Move your body off so your bottom is hovering in the air.

Lower your body down, bending the elbows, before pushing yourself back up again.

If your shoulders begin to feel strained, you’re going too low. Just do what’s comfortable!

Do 12 to 15 reps for four sets. 

Tricep dips
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