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I threw my penis in the bin after it went black and fell off – it drove me to 18 pints a day

BEING struck down with illness can be life-changing and debilitating.

For one man, it meant having a penis built on his arm, which he had to live with for seven years.

Malcolm Macdonald developed a long-term perineum infection after becoming homeless which led to sepsis The graphic above shows how doctors made Malcolm’s penis A willy doctor built him a new six-inch member and it was due to be attached in 2015 but, due to a lack of oxygen in his blood, it was grafted temporarily to his arm

After being made homeless, Malcolm Macdonald developed a long-term perineum infection.

This was initially between his scrotum and anus, but soon escalated into sepsis, turning his penis, as well as his fingers and toes, black.

He was left “completely gutted” when his manhood fell off one fateful day in 2014, though his testicles remained intact.

But he has finally had a newly built penis reattached to its natural home and as part of a new Channel 4 documentary, has opened up about his experience.

He said: “My toes started going black, my penis started going black. I went to the toilet and it fell off.”

The 47-year-old previously said: “Because I had been through the devastation of knowing I was going to lose it, I just picked it up and put it in the bin.”

Malcolm said it made him feel like a shadow of a man and because of this, he became a recluse.

He detailed how we would start drinking every morning and could knock back around 18 pints a day.

Malcolm’s GP told him about the “penis master”, Professor David Ralph, an expert in phallus construction at London’s University College Hospital.

Surgeons designed and created a new penis which they then grafted to his arm, a site chosen due to its skin quality and sensation.

But Malcolm highlighted how difficult it had been to live with the member in such a visible place.

“I slap myself in the eye with it, it’s a dead weight, when you cuddle your nan at Christmas, you hit her in the eye.

“I went to Waitrose, there was an old lady that needed some help, it fell out of the bandage and fell out on her head, I could have given her a heart attack mate.

“When I’m  cooking, it burns, I can’t use the back hob. Of course I feel like less of a man, I ain’t got a penis, I’m not a man, am I?”

Finally, following years of delays to his surgery due to scheduling errors and the pandemic, Malcolm now has his penis attached in the right place.

He endured a nine hour operation and said he immediately felt better.

“The first thing I did was look down and I was like, ‘Oh my days. They got it right this time’. I feel like a real man again.”

Speaking on the show, which aired last night, Malcolm said this could be a turning point in his life

“My luck in life hasn’t been too good so far, but it can only go bad for so long, can’t it?

“Can you imagine six years of your life with a penis swinging on your arm? It’s been a nightmare, but it’s gone now — the little bugger,” he added.

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