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I’m a PT and here’s how to get rid of belly fat using a tea towel and cushion

BETWEEN doing the school run, cleaning the kitchen and hanging out the washing, it might seem like you have no time for exercise.

Being time poor, coupled with the price of gym gear is enough to put anyone off.

Personal trainer Lydia Rees has revealed some simple exercises you can do at home with household items

It can be easy to envy celebrities who follow strict workout programmes with expensive equipment and personal trainers that come to their homes.

Not to mention diet – which is a key part of weight loss, and for most people, shedding pounds can’t be achieved with exercise alone.

But, if you want to tone up and feel great in the process, one personal trainer has revealed how you can workout without spending a penny, using household items like cushions and towels.

Speaking to SE, pre and postnatal fitness trainer Lydia Rees believes fitness should be accessible to everyone.

Here Lydia goes through the four exercises that you can do at home…

Seated towel twist

This is a core exercise. Training this part of your body is important as it helps give you a good foundation to build on.

Lydia, founder of Ashina Active, says: “Russian twists help build a strong core by contracting your abdominal muscles to maintain the sit-up position, while activating your obliques as you rotate your mid section.”

Lydia says to start in a seated position: “Sit tall with a flat back, avoid collapsing your shoulders in towards your hips and rounding your lower back.

“Focus on twisting from your core and not your shoulders. You can keep your heels on the floor or you can raise them off the floor to challenge yourself.”

“Keep your core engaged and keep the tension on the towel as your twist,” Lydia adds.

Do 20 reps (ten on each side).

Book core exercise

Next, grab a book and lay on the floor.

Lydia says this move may take a little practice and can be built up over time – so don’t get disheartened if you don’t master it right away.

Your thighs should be perpendicular to the ground and your shins parallel to the ground, with the book balanced on your shins.

Ensure your core is engaged as you lower your legs down, keeping everything under control, (this can be challenging).

“Bring your legs close to the ground and then return,” says Lydia.

“You really need to focus on keeping the book steady, so it doesn’t fall off your shins.

“You also need to keep your back flat to the floor using your core, if you feel you are losing that position throughout the movement, then stop right there as that is your range of movement for now.

“Over time you will get stronger and you will be able to extend your legs lower,” says Lydia.

Do this ten times.

Cushion sit ups

This one involves a couch cushion or a pillow from your bed.

Lie on your back with your legs straight and arms stretched out above your head, holding your cushion.

Slowly curl your upper back off the floor while extending your arms upwards, hold for a few seconds at the top and squeeze your stomach muscles before lowering back down to the start position.

Do this ten times.

Mountain climbers with socks

Next up is mountain climbers. This will only work if you have laminate or wooden flooring and won’t work on carpet; it’s best to wear socks so you can slide.

“This is a fun exercise that will not only use your core but your legs get a workout too,” Lydia says.

From a high plank position, engage your core and slide your right foot forward to bring your right knee to your chest.

“You should move at a quick, but controlled pace, keeping your core engaged, return to the starting position and bring your left foot forward to bring your left knee to your chest,” she explains.

Do this 20 times, ten on each leg.

It’s important to note it’s difficult to target fat loss, especially in problem areas such as the tummy.

But these exercises combined with a healthy diet could help you get rid of extra fat you might be holding around your stomach area.

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