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Regular morning erections could add YEARS to your life, study shows

MEN who regularly get morning erections live longer, research reveals.

They were significantly less likely to die from major killers, such as heart disease and strokes, medics found.

Men who regularly get morning erections are less likely to suffer major health issues, a study has shown

Nearly 1,800 middle-aged and older blokes were tracked for 12 years by experts in Belgium —– who asked how often they were aroused first thing.

Fellas who had a frequent “morning glory” were about 22 per cent less likely to die young than those who were mostly limp.

Scientists think night-time arousal is a sign of good circulation — cutting the risk of life-threatening illnesses.

Lead researcher Dr Leen Antonio, of University Hospital Leuven, told the journal Age and Ageing: “Erectile dysfunction and poor morning erections are associated with increased mortality.”

Studies show blokes can have up to five erections during a night’s sleep.

Early morning arousal can also be due to a spike in testosterone levels.

As men age, they have fewer night-time arousals — due to hormonal changes. A sudden decline can indicate health issues.

Dr Geoff Hackett, ex-president of the British Society for Sexual Medicine, said “Loss of morning erections are a sign your arteries are not functioning properly.

“That means you are at significant risk of a heart attack or stroke within three to five years.

“This applies to celibate, single men — not just those who have a partner.”

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