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I’m a doctor – here’s why vibrators should be prescribed free of charge to all women

USING a vibrator is a pleasurable experience.

But now researchers say they could also help women with a myriad of health issues.

Researchers have said medics should consider prescribing vibrators to women

Experts in the US have revealed their benefits could even warrant the devices being prescribed to women free of charge.

The medics said that using a vibrator during masturbation can help a woman reach orgasm faster.

On top of this, it can also help them climax multiple times.

Writing in The Journal of Urology, Dr Alexandra Dubinskaya and her team found evidence to support a host of benefits in women who regularly used a vibrator.

Experts looked at 21 papers that had analysed the use of sex toys for medical benefits.

They noted that women who used one had improved pelvic floor health, reduced vulva pain and also saw an improvement in overall sexual health.

The team of researchers said some women also saw improvements in incontinence.

However, it’s not clear how long you would have to use the device for, before it resulted in an improvement in health.

Prior research had established that women who experience regular orgasms with stress reduction have better sexual health.

In conclusion, they said that vibrators should not just be seen as devices for pleasure – but also a therapeutic gadget.

They said female health specialists and doctors alike could benefit from prescribing vibrators to female patients.

“Considering the potential pelvic health benefits of vibrators, their recommendation to women should be included in our pelvic floor dis-order treatment,” Dr Dubinskaya said.

Experts previously said they were trying to ‘educate’ the NHS on why sex toys could be beneficial to women in more ways than one,

Dr David Goldmeier, consultant and lead clinician in sexual function told The Guardian that many toys can stimulate areas that other things cannot.

“Although I imagine there are women who are not dysfunctional and who just like sex toys, for those with a genuine problem such items are enormously important,” he said.

Experts in the US previously said that there are some medical conditions that result in a decreased blood flow to the clitoritis which means nerve endings don’t respond well.

They said that this could be fixed by the use of a vibrator or sex you.

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