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My small willy made me feel insecure, now it’s grown 1 inch, my sex life is great and I feel more confident in underwear

A SCOT has told how he underwent male intimate surgery because “bigger is better.”

Chris, 46, works in pharmaceuticals and mulled over the penis enlargement procedure for a few months before going under the knife.

Chris couldn’t be happier after getting the surgery He was shocked by how easy the recovery was

He paid £5,500 for the operation with Glasgow-based Signature Clinic in February and says it has been money well spent so far.

After moving in recently with his partner, it’s made a big difference to all areas of their relationship.

Chris says: “I got into seriously good shape and it completed the picture for me. 

“Bigger is better. It has led to improved confidence and a better sex life. 

“It’s most noticeable flaccid has but also improved the aesthetic and function while erect.

“I’m very happy. It added up to one inch and girth.

“I feel better in underwear, swimwear and of course naked and my confidence and sex life has been boosted.”

For anyone considering the op, Chris reckons people would be surprised by how painless the procedure is.

He was shocked by the rapid recovery time and how quickly he could see a difference.

He adds: “The procedure was quick. 

“Around two hours.

“I’d say the pain was three out of ten.

“Just mild discomfort during healing. 

“The recovery was rapid and smooth and it’s minimally invasive. 

“It’s a very personal decision. 

If you’re sure the enhancement will make you feel better then go for it.

“It’s not a huge undertaking at all. 

“Just make sure you trust your practitioner.”

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